A piece of "art"

I am not really into the arts. I don’t like that modern abstract art where you have to interpret meanings and all that junk. I generally like art that is a picture or painting of nature, architecture, or people. Honestly, a piece of “art” that always intrigues me is right here in my house. It’s not your typical Van Gough painting, it may not even be that great of a painting to an artist, but I love it. It’s painted on the wall at the bottom of my steps to my basement. It’s a snowy winter scene with a covered bridge as the focal point. I love it for the winter scene, the nature, and the architecture. It symbolizes my one of my ultimate locations and times.

I dream of living down in the south in the country and having a covered bridge like this at the end of the driveway to my house which sits on acres of land. People have different desires and places they want to live in their lives. I want to move down south and live the country lifestyle but still be connected to the city.

I walk by this painting numerous times through the day and never really look at it in depth and really think about it. This is getting me to think of the painting and realizing how much it describes my ideal location. I wonder if walking by this painting had some kind of subconscious effect on me. Is the painting part of the reason why I am so intrigued by scenes like this? If someone told me that was true, I would actually believe it. Seeing an image every single day has to have some kind of effect on you whether you realize it or not.