A place and time

Driving home from a friend’s house Friday evening, the time is 12am. I have a choice. 695 or back roads?

I love the back roads. I haven’t taken a drive like this in awhile. Gas is expensive, but my newly repaired car is getting good mileage. What the heck? Go for it. I turn onto Dulaney Valley Rd – constantly scanning the shoulder for critters or deer that want to meet up with the side of my car. Lights on high lighting up the otherwise pitch black landscape. The twinkle in dark horizon catches my eye. Slow down. Tail up in the air. The fox darts back into the bush. That was close. Keep going. I round the bend, and spot a low-lying fog coming up off the water of the lower Loch Raven Reservoir. It’s both creepy and beautiful. As I continue around the bend I’m trying to focus on the road but I want to look at this fog – half expecting something to pop up out of the water – hoping for some odd reason. Not wanting to have car drive off the side of the cliff into this beautiful scenery, I pull of into the gravel lot overlooking the man made dam with a perfect view over top the foggy water scene.

It’s so relaxing and peaceful; there is a car down below ion the side of the road. As I Drove by, I did notice two occupants. I do not care to know anymore about their situation or business. Once parked with my windows half way down and the moon roof opened I caught the whiff of a burning fire. What perfect weather to cozy up to the fireplace or bonfire. 58 degrees on the temperature readout. A melody of upbeat yet calming alternative rock playing in the background – I remember my notebook is in my bag in the trunk. I reach through the trunk bypass and grab the book and start writing.

It feels a little weird sitting here on the side of the road writing in a notebook about this beautiful scenery – but I kind of like it. A car drives by, the first one so far, it snaps me out of this weird relaxing mood, I check the clock – 12:30am. It’s time to head off on my way. I start the engine, pull out, check my rearview for one last glimpse of the water, and head home – relaxed and renewed.