Picture of me as a child

The picture I found to use is me sitting at my Lego table setup in the basement of my house. The picture is dated November 1998. I had a neat setup with 2 tables in an L shape. One table had all my good Lego pieces spread out. The other table is where I built my creations. I had drawers under the table full of pieces.

I used to spend hours after dinner building everything from cars to buildings to skate parks to mini cities. This was the earliest I can trace back to my hands on creativeness.

I have evolved from Lego’s to small wood models to shelves to bike ramps to now working on my car. I love being hands on and making or modifying things.

For a while I designed building floor plans on graph paper and then that evolved into using a computer program to design the same things in even less time. (I still liked the hand drawn method though.) I have binders full of layouts.

I always wanted to be an architect… but in middle school, I realized that I had no mathematical skills whatsoever.

IN high school, I picked up computers and fell in love with that. I taught myself everything I knew through hands on experience of breaking and trying things. This stems from my childhood of playing with toys and taking them apart sometimes never putting them back together. However, I considered it worth the expense. My parents were a little upset but they soon realized it brought me joy and could turn into something good. Turns out it did benefit me, because in my career I have to take apart electronics all day long and build computers.

What I am trying to get at and show is my mischievous “tinkering” and creative childhood formed who I am today and benefited me in the things I do now.

This picture brings back memories of my childhood and really helped me to realize how much of an effect growing up and doing these things have on me today. It’s neat to look back on time and see how things changed and what made you.