THE meal

I am somewhat of a picky eater. Let’s just get that out of the way. Generally, a safe dish for me would involve chicken. I absolutely despise cheese. I will not eat anything with melted cheese in it. I can tolerate cheese on tacos and the occasional pizza slice though.

With that said, here I dine on chicken tenders, French fries, a hot mini-loaf of bread w/ honey butter, and a Dr. Pepper. This is my weekly meal from Outback Steakhouse. It is off the children’s menu and only costs $5. It totally fills me up and is a much better value than going somewhere like McDonalds.

I learned that honey butter was available upon request at Outback. It’s an insider knowledge… but the taste is amazing. It tastes so much better than regular butter. The Outback bread is also amazing. I am a chicken tender connoisseur. I have had chicken tenders from everywhere under the sun.

Outback makes my favorite chicken tenders. They are plump and meaty but also have a great amount of batter. Batter is important. Chicken tenders need some health amounts of batter.

The fries are not really my favorite, but they go with the tenders and bread nicely. I generally like crispier fries and Outback fries are usually a little soggy. The sogginess might be due to the carryout container. I recall the fries being crispy when you eat in the restaurant. However, I digress.

There is a proper way to eat this meal. To get the full sensation of all these delectable items you must take a bite of all of them in the same mouthful AND wash it down with the drink of your choice. It is an amazing experience.

Couple this meal with a great television show, and I’ve just had the greatest hour of my week.