Wikto (Web server vulnerability assesment tool)

I researched Wikto which is a tool that checks for vulnerabilities in web servers. I created a test environment to utilize Wikto and find exploits in a simple setup of a web server. I documented my actions and findings within this paper.

I found the project very beneficial. Through the creation of this paper, I found a new tool to use for web server vulnerability testing. I even found some vulnerability in a web server that I manage – directories that were visible that should not have been visible. I used the tool, found the visibility, and closed access to those directories, rescanned, and all was well. On the professional side, this project helped me to work on managing my time more efficiently.

This research/paper would be helpful to others as a starting point to learning about Wikto and scanning web servers for potential vulnerabilities. However, there is no better learning method than hands on, so I would advise others to play around with Wikto and scan websites themselves.

View paper – Research Paper – Wikto Web Server Assessment Tool – Report