i haven’t really been bmx’ing for almost a month… and i haven’t been mountain biking for probably longer… i cannot believe it’s already july… i guess i was just busy and tired. no excuse, really, because biking is an amazing escape from the stress of the day… so to use the excuse of being busy or stressed is just stupid.

on friday we went out to robert e lee park off of falls rd for an easy ride.. and man was it nice. we only did a loop of the trails. maybe 2 miles… but it was a nice break-in to season of more riding — bmx, trails w/ the mountain bike, and the flat NCR trail ride to PA.

on sunday we went out to the ncr trail and did about 20 miles. it was nice.

there’s just something unexplainably awesome about the feeling you can have riding a bike. whether that’s flying through the air off the jumps @ seven courts or charm city.. or plowing through the trails… if you don’t have the feeling you just can’t understand it. i grew up on a bike – riding a lot – everywhere. I absolutely love nature.. i love being outdoors. combining the two just makes for an amazing experience enjoying god’s beautiful creations. i can only imagine that feeling translate into a bike not powered by your feet… a bike that I hope to own in the coming months if things work out… i am so stoked for that — whenever it may come.

herein lies the problem… my mountain bike is a piece of crap. seriously… i’m afraid to take it on any serious trails in fears that i’ll be walking it back miles and miles as something will break on it.. it’s happened twice at loch raven.. it stinks.. to be safe on some of these trails.. you really do need a bike that you can depend on to switch gears w/out the chain skipping or snapping.. and strong brakes to stop you from falling down a rocky cliff… so, i desperately do need a new mountain bike… but spending $600 on a cheaper conservative bike (plus a couple hundred on a bike rack) merh, that just hurts thinking about it.. especially since i’m trying to save money for some other things.. it really would be an investment in my health though – physical and mental.. so we’ll see what i can come up with.

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.” -JFK