Finally Cleaned Up

i’m all about a clean and simple workspace.. i’m actually pretty anal about it..

the other day i bought another 1TB hard drive.. with the intention of getting 90% of all my media on one drive.. i’m a geek that had an ungodly amount of harddrives spread across a couple ‘servers’. it was hard to keep track of where stuff was — especially since most of the drivers were different sizes and weren’t large enough to hold all of a specific thing.. for example, i had to put pictures from 2009 on a seperate drive from all my other pictures… 4GB photoshoots eat up a lot of space…

anyway, now i have all my music, pictures, videos, photo/video editing, and movies in one spot. the drive doesn’t have much breathing room though… and my tv shows are still somewhere else.. but it’s a start.

also… i went through all my other drives and got rid of stuff that had been accumulating through the years… so much stuff! most everything is organized now too..

i’m gonna take an ‘image’ of this harddrive (basically a copy of the contents in one ginaromous single file) and put it on one of my other 1TB drives… as well as backups of important junks elsewhere… like the 16GB thumbdrive i got for $30. jeebus.

up next is renaming my music folders… everything is organized in folders by artist.. but within the artist folders.. the album folders are kind of a mess… normally, that wouldn’t really bother me, BUT, i want to start using songbird again (which flippin rocks — it’s a super-lite itunes w/ plugins and it will grab the lyrics to the song that’s playing and put it along side the player.. that is awesome.) but to import my gigantic library — i have to first organize it… so that’s one of my tasks for this holiday weekend.

/nerdy rant. i love it!