sloooooow week

mannn.. this week was a trial in patience… the work week went by soooo slow.. and i still have one more day, ekk. although, our department is having a legit cookout tomorrow, w00t.

this weekend should be a nice relief though.. although i almost just want to sleeeppp.

friday night we’re going out for phils birthday.. early saturday afternoon we’re hitting up the ncr trail again for some biking, saturday evening is the ‘all time low’ & ‘we the kings’ concert at towson u., saturday night we’re going downtown to celebrate a friends “life event”, sunday afternoon is a car show/race thing (import faceoff). sunday night i have to work on some side projects that need to get done. and then it’s back to the daily grind.. hopefully actually working in my department for once =)

there was probably a reason this chair was put off to the side at bdubs tonight… wasn’t very good for propelling ones self over a fence.. which normally would be a feasible feat for someone such as myself who posses adequate jumping/leaping abilities. things just didn’t work out this time. haha. i’d really love to see the security camera video that was pointed in that area.. and i’d like to hear what it sounded like on the other end of the phone… haha.