The vanity of work

Psalm 127 [Read]

God wants us to work hard in what he has given us. Trade, family, etc. But it is useless unless the Lord is at the center of our work.

Working too much, making the wrong choice to work too much and not spend that time with your family.

What makes work meaningless or vain? —

  1. Significance – Moses, worked very hard at his ministry. Desert with rebellious people. Psalm 90 give significance to the work of our hands.
  2. Sleep – Godless labor + little sleep = futility
    Working for God + sleep = fruitful ministry
  3. Security – the Lord watches

Is our work meaningful or meaningless?
Unless the Lord is involved intricately in your work, it’s useless. It matters little.

Unless is the key to useful work.

Bread of anxious toil — Pride.

Your work matters to God

Unless we build our future on what God  wants us to do, we labor for nothing.

Follow Gods building codes:

  1. Acknowledge God is the true builder of your work
  2. Acknowledge your utter dependence upon God (when you just don’t know what to do)
  3. Pray all you do in seeking God’s purposes
  4. Remain humble before god and seek God in your work

(Notes from a sermon @ my church, loch raven presbyterian church)