pursuit of truth

pursuing happiness often doesn’t lead you to happiness. a lot of times when we are pursuing our own desires rather than what god desires for us, it leads us to misery. when i do pursue truth and the things of god, and i live a sacrificial life, and i serve him wholeheartedly, and i pursue truth.. it’s unbelievable how satisfying that really is.. and how happy i end up being.

satans mightiest works is to get us to pursue things that are just a little bit off. just subtle small lies. they aren’t usually outlandish. his specialty is to get us to be brought in a little at a time.

truth looks reality in the eyes and embraces the process of wisdom. truth > reality > wisdom.

-crosspoint, pursuit of truth.

do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. do what it says.

james 1:22