A tasty chocolate drink

Note: For responsible 21+ adults!

This is one of my favorite drinks. I came up with this idea one night when I was in the mood for a chocolate drink. It’s kind of heavy, so it’s better as an “after dinner drink” or when you’re just going to be drinking 1 or 2 casual drinks. It also has a deceptively large amount of alcohol — and it just tastes like sweet sweet chocolate milk, so use sparingly and be careful! It’ll probably cost you $7 at a bar/restaurant. The 3 liqueurs will run you about $60. That sounds like a lot, but it will make you a lot of drinks — much more than $7 bar drinks will get you.

Fill a cup w/ 1/2 to 3/4ish milk & ice. Pour a shot of Original Kahlua, original Baileys, and plain Godiva — figure out how you like it and adjust the amounts accordingly. Those are just my amounts. STIR!! Don’t drink from a straw!!

Drink responsibly!