Kevin Rose to leave Diggnation & start a new tech/geek culture show 'fforward' founder and interim CEO Kevin Rose, has confirmed that, after 5 years, he’s leaving Diggnation at the end of 2010. He has officially announced his new show ‘fforward‘. The show will be distributed by the internet-tv startup, Revision3.

Rose says that fforward will be “a weekly live streaming tech/geek culture show” and that while he will be the host, he will also have guests on for discussions and new tech product reviews.

Regarding Diggnation, Kevin Rose has been quoted as saying, “It’s been five years, Alex [Albrecht] and I still have fun doing the show, but I think we’re both ready for less travel and something new.”

“..ffoward is going to be unlike any show I’ve ever done, I’m excited to try some new ideas w/a live streaming audience. Diggnation will continue till the end of this year, we’ll be having a huge final live show sometime in November or December” says Rose.

(Kevin Rose quotes are sourced from an article Michael Arrington wrote for Tech Crunch and claims Kevin Rose made to him.)