How to properly delete a Windows users profile

How to delete user profiles properly

Ensure that you backup the informaiton contained in the users profile – this includes the typical Documents, Music, Pictures — but also, Favorites, AppData, Outlook PSTs, any custom settings stored in files. I’d suggest you enable showing Hidden Files in Explorer so you can see directories that are hidden. |

This mainly applies to network users that log into a domain and have a local account created for them on their system. Profiles occasionally get corrupted, and a quick fix, provided you back up your data or store it on the network and not locally, is to simply recreate the profile.

Delete the actual User folder of the profile in quesiton – C:Users

Remove the user profile from the registry
Start > in the search bar right above the Windows logo type regedit

Browse to
Windows NT

Select through the profiles listed in the left pane (GUID) and in the right pane you will see the actual username. That will help you determine what profile is which. Right click on the GUID, ‘Delete’