Turned on my iPhone and all my apps are gone

Just like the topic says. I used my phone to send a text message, locked it, unlocked it an hour hour later, and all my apps were gone. The folders I created are still there. I rebooted – did not fix.

Coincidentally, the other day, my phone rebooted on it’s own and was locked up at the Apple icon loading screen – took 3 or 4 long press/holds of the power button to eventually shut the phone off and reboot.

iPhone 4 – 4.0.2 (8A400)
Never jailbroken or modded in anyway

(Have not tried a restore with iTunes yet – as I’m currently putting in a new SSD HDD in my MBP.)

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*Update 10/16 – I decided to just rebuild my phone. I synced it with my MacBook Pro, which did have full backups, but I didn’t want to lose text messages and stuff. So I just re-installed all my applications that were saved in iTunes and had to re-do the folders. It wasn’t a big deal. But it should not have happen. Both of my Apple products crapped out within the past month. This doesn’t help an anti-Apple person try to get over their dislike of a company.