2010, you were a blast


sold my minivan

bought a motorcycle

dc for cherry blossom festival

beach for the oc hot rod car show

beach w/ friends in the spring

went to new jersey for a car show, went to seaside heights – ran into the jersey shore cast on their 1st night back in jersey filming the 3rd season of jersey shore

lost my job

beach for oc car show in june

sister got married

summer nights, and days, and weekends out & in with friends <3

beach for dub magazine car show

flew an airplane

worked on the set of extreme makeover: home edition. for the production company. 8pm to 8am every day. awesome. 🙂

got a great new job

went to vegas for a huge car show (sema)

saw the hoover dam

saw the grand canyon

went to new york city during christmas time 🙂

beach w/ friends in december

4 weddings

a couple trips to dc

a lot of nights out

new friends, old friends, better friends

lots of concerts

lots of car shows

continued to build a brand. work continues to pay off.

5,500+ miles of road traveled on my motorcycle

90GB of pictures taken

things i’d rather forget

things i don’t ever want to forget

lots of lessons learned

some really tough parts, but overall, best year ever. everything worked out for the best.

thank you god.