Impromptu trip to Harper's Ferry

That sound’s familiar – doesn’t it?

I had to make a run to Frederick to take care of some
business. While there, I stopped at a place in downtown Frederick (which is
pretty awesome, btw) that makes fresh pretzel creations – i.e. pretzel pizza,
pretzel hotdogs, etc.

If you know me, you know I love Harper’s Ferry (WV). HF is
only a 1/2 drive from Frederick. Although I had no intentions of going there on
this little trek, I just realized I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Plus, I
love impromptu trips – just go because you a desire 🙂

There’s a gas station on the way home from Harper’s Ferry that
I know sells Cheerwine – so of course I stocked up a little bit. (I promise,
this wasn’t a reason for going)

If you were curious, the blog’s background is a picture from
this Harper’s Ferry visit.