Sometimes I get a good feeling

Unless you’ve been living under “that” rock, you’ve undoubtedly heard “Good Feeling” by rapper Flo Rida – probably several times a day if you tune into any pop radio station. Although generic to the genre, most of Flo Rida’s words in that song aren’t inherently “bad”. In fact, in a world where things seem to be falling down around us, a little “good feeling” helps to keep people head-bopping their way through the day. But his words surely do not hold a candle to the truth found in God’s word.

I, myself, sometimes struggle (sometimes with a little guilt) in balancing the joys of this life and my earthly desires with what God would desire for me. In one of the most lyrically simplest of songs, David Crowder says, “You are my joy, You are my joy, You are my joy, You are my joyyyyyyyyyy” I believe when Christ is our ultimate joy – and at the end of the day, we know, truly, in our hearts, that nothing on this earth will satisfy us more than Christ’s never-ending love and gift of Salvation – I think then, we can be free to enjoy life and grab as many “good feelings” as we are blessed to have available – while always remembering to praise and thank our Provider.

Ask yourself, what gives you a good feeling? And what are you doing with that? Every day, make Jesus and what He’s done for you your “good feeling”, share that with those around you in the way you live – and I believe you’ll find that the good feeling you get from His love is worth infinitely more than the Bugatti and Maybach that Flo Rida is after. 🙂

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” -Matthew 6:21