Never a good experience with GoDaddy Hosting

Brief background:

Website was slow – to the point that it was unresponsive at times and would time out. I contacted GoDaddy support and provided them with details and screen shots. They responded with a generic copy-and-paste article about running a TraceRoute from my machine to their server – which is irrelevant to the issue at hand. It’s as if they just saw the word “slow” in the ticket request and responded to that word.

My response to a generic “How-To” on running a TraceRoute to determine why my site is so slow:

Thank you for that – but that does not address my issue. This is not an issue between the client machines and GoDaddy – it is internal at GoDaddy.

I included in my support request that I received SQL errors – such that the software lost a connection to the SQL server. I am receiving 500 internal server error’s.

Please address those concerns and do not send me generic guides on TraceRoutes. I understand what a TraceRoute is and what it will do – but you didn’t know that. What was I supposed to do with the results of that Trace?

GoDaddy is known for their horrible and generic responses to support issues that are technical. I am tired of my site routinely being slow AND inaccessible and I’m tired of GoDaddy never addressing the issue.

You are about to lose another customer who will most certainly relay his aggravating experiences with his network of connections.

Please advise.

Update: I’ve since cancelled my GoDaddy web hosting (4GH) account and WebStats – which I’ve had open for 6 years – and moved to Eleven2.

Update 3/5: Eleven2 has turned into a a mess as well. More on that too.