Comcast Issues

RE: Loss of Comcast television and High-Speed Internet service beginning Wednesday, May 9th around 3PM.

Email sent to : and (information via @comcastcares Twitter account/profile) *Note: I never received any messages back from either of those addresses. Unless they just escalate cases to someone higher up.. What’s the point of publicizing the email addresses on Twitter if they aren’t used?

Wednesday afternoon (5/9)

  • Lost connection to home PC around 3PM

Wednesday evening (5/9)

  • Arrived home from work at 6PM and noticed no internet or television service.
  • Called Comcast
  • Comcast CSR could not communicate with my modem/“box”
  • He said there was a reported outage in the area and techs were out working on it
  • He said he would add my account to the list of account holders that have called in
  • He said that I would receive an automated call back from Comcast when they confirmed the outage had been resolved. I made sure to again ask that I receive this call.
  • 29 minutes on phone

Thursday morning (5/10)

  • Still no service
  • No phone call from Comcast
  • Called Comcast
  • Comcast CSR said that the outage from last night was resolved. They would need to send a tech out to my apartment.
    • Already at work so can’t do Thursday
    • Scheduled for Friday 8-10AM.
    • Had I received a call late Wednesday or early Thursday, as promised, I could have adjusted my schedule on Thursday and been available for a tech to come out.
  • 31 minutes on phone

Friday morning (5/11)

  • Comcast Tech arrived at apartment around 8:15AM
  • Confirmed a Comcast signal was received at the junction point on my floor in the building.
  • Confirmed there was no signal from my apartment to the junction point
  • Comcast Tech gave me a number to “Custom Cabling” (410-374-3648) and said to schedule an appointment with them to get new wire run from Comcast junction point in hallway to my apartment
  • Comcast Tech left
  • ~15 minutes on site
  • I called “Custom Cabling” and scheduled an appointment for Monday between 8am and 12pm. (I didn’t understand why I had to do this – but did it anyway to get the ball rolling)

Friday morning (5/11)

  • Called Comcast
  • Spoke with Comcast CSR: “Tanya” (Very nice, also confused about all the confusion)
  • Tech has notes “No access to Prem”
  • There is no record of me calling into Comcast on 5/9 when I initially reported the issue. Probably why I never received the automated call I was promised (Follow up with manager to report this for disciplinary action. Unacceptable)
  • Deeper into ticket the tech referred the case to the Maintenance Department
    • Noted that my location needed a “new post wire
    • The Comcast CSR said that Comcast’s Maintenance Department handles the wiring and repairs and they would run any new wire.
    • I asked if Comcast uses outside Contractors for wire repair like this. CSR said, sometimes for new setups or if Comcast techs are not readily available.
    • Comcast CSR had not heard of a Comcast customer having to schedule a time with the Contractor directly
    • Comcast CSR setup a phone call with the Maintenance Department who would call me by 12:12PM on Friday to discuss the repair issue further and clear up the confusion
      • As of 1:15PM, no call (1 hour has passed)
  • 30 minutes on phone

Friday afternoon (5/11)

  • Called Comcast (1:15PM)
  • Spoke with Comcast CSR and let her know that I did not receive the promised phone call from the “Maintenance Department”
    • She said that the Maintenance Department does not usually talk with customers (I told her this was arranged by a Comcast CSR)
  • She said the tech requested a new line run to my apartment
  • She said that the “Technical Services” department would call me to further discuss – as they would have more information (knowledge?) than her on the issue.
    • It should be within an hour, but I should definitely receive this call by 3PM today (Friday, 5/11)
    • Comcast CSR said she would check-up and make sure the call was made
  • 13 minutes on phone
  • Called Custom Cabling (Contractor referred to by Comcast Tech this morning)
    • Asked if they knew what to look at once they arrived on Monday morning
      • She said they would analyze the wire from the outside box to the apartment
        • Asked for clarification of “outside” – outside of my apartment door or outside the apartment building?
          • She said outside of the building from the street to my apartment
      • They would re-run the wire (if they could, they would do it that day, or schedule another time to come out)
    • I just said “OK” – well see what they say on Monday when they come out – this doesn’t make much sense
    • Is it typical for Comcast customers to schedule their own appointments with you?
      • Usually the Comcast tech does it, but sometimes the tech will give our business card or phone number to the customer.
  • No call from Comcast’s “Technical Support” department yet as of 3:40PM – 40 minutes past their maximum promised time.

Friday Evening (5/11)

  • The Regional Executive Office gave me a call today at 5:30 basically saying we’ll talk on Monday.
  • According to them the case was closed. (The case may have been “closed” incorrectly by the tech, but I don’t have Comcast service.)
  • The gesture is nice – too bad I’ll be without Internet and television this weekend!
According to the tech, there is a signal from Comcast ON MY FLOOR. It’s the connection between that point on my floor and my apartment unit. Comcast’s Support seems to think it’s something outside. According to the tech’s notes, a new cable from outside is to be installed by Comcast Maintenance. There can’t be 200+ Comcast cables from some magical green box outside of the condo building running into the building – 1 for each unit.

So, what am I waiting for? When Cabling Solutions comes out on Monday, what are they going to do? Where are they going to look? Is it going to be days of pointing fingers and scheduling more appointments?

Apparently Comcast Maintenance has already been dispatched – so I’m in their system to replace/repair the line within 2-5 business days from Friday (so sometime next week). This is going to end up being after Cabling Solutions comes out.

Who is paying for this? Certainly not me. Well, except for not having television and internet service for the past 2 days (and most likely this upcoming weekend) – and the time I’ve spent trying to figure this out with Comcast and documenting their dysfunction.

There is a serious lack of communication between departments, tech, and customer, following up on promises, and knowledge of what needs to be done.

Monday Morning (5/14)
  • Custom Cabling came out at 8:30 this morning
  • Ran a signal on the wire – came back as a disconnect 40ft away.
  • It was a disconnected cable right outside my front door in the ceiling.
    • (I looked briefly at those cables but didn’t notice one end did have a connector where the other end could screw into.)
  • I believe the original Comcast Tech should have exerted a little more effort in investigation before just throwing up his hands and ordering a “new post wire”
  • Theory: The new neighbors next door may have gotten Comcast and the tech was fishing for wires and saw mine and thought it was the person he was trying to hook up and when he realized it wasn’t, just left it. ?
  • Will await call-back from Regional Executive office “first thing Monday morning”


  • Received an email from the Regional Executive Office on Monday evening (no telephone call in the morning).
  • Received a call from the Regional Executive Office on Tuesday evening (was not available to answer the phone)
  • Responded to the email from the Regional Executive Office on Wednesday morning with my concerns
  • 5/16 – Received an email response to my email from the Regional Executive Office asserting my concerns, apologizing, and offering a credit on my bill.


Waiting on hold for 20+ minutes for a Comcast CSR