Project: Maryland State Parks

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“The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.”

On a recent trip to Deep Creek Lake State Park, I picked up a Maryland State Parks brochure and, while looking through the list of MD State Parks, realized that I have visited a handful of parks in the list. Because I love an excuse to venture out into nature, I’ve decided to make it a “year-ish” long mission to finish visiting every official Maryland State Park and take a few pictures and post it here. If I have already been to a park and have a few decent picture taken in that park, then that will count towards my goal. I already know that I haven’t often taken my Nikon D90 to many parks with the sole purpose of documenting my trip – so most pictures are going to be iPhone quality. I don’t think I’m going to commit to D90 quality pictures – that might be over extending myself – though, making a special road-trip just for this project may warrant this.

There will probably be a few iterations of this page or others to keep track of my progress and post pictures as I find a better way to manage this. For now, I’ll post the pictures on Flickr in a “Project: Maryland State Parks

Wikipedia listing of Maryland State Parks

Parks in bold I know that I have visited – as an adult. But, I don’t necessarily have pictures from those visits, so I may have to make another trip (oh, darn! haha)

  1. Assateague State Park
  2. Big Run State Park
  3. Calvert Cliffs State Park
  4. Casselman River Bridge State Park
  5. Chapel Point State Park
  6. Cunningham Falls State Park
  7. Dans Mountain State Park
  8. Deep Creek Lake State Park
  9. Elk Neck State Park
  10. Fort Frederick State Park
  11. Fort Tonoloway State Park
  12. Gambrill State Park
  13. Gathland State Park
  14. Greenbrier State Park
  15. Greenwell State Park
  16. Gunpowder Falls State Park
  17. Hart-Miller Island State Park
  18. Herrington Manor State Park
  19. Janes Island State Park
  20. Jonas Green State Park
  21. Martinak State Park
  22. Matapeake State Park
  23. Monocacy State/National Park/Battlefield
  24. New Germany State Park
  25. North Point State Park
  26. Palmer State Park
  27. Patapsco Valley State Park
  28. Patuxent River State Park
  29. Pocomoke River State Park
  30. Point Lookout State Park
  31. Purse State Park
  32. Rocks State Park
  33. Rocky Gap State Park
  34. Rosaryville State Park
  35. Sandy Point State Park
  36. Seneca Creek State Park
  37. Smallwood State Park
  38. South Mountain State Park
  39. St. Clement’s Island State Park
  40. St. Mary’s River State Park
  41. Susquehanna State Park
  42. Swallow Falls State Park
  43. Tuckahoe State Park
  44. Washington Monument State Park
  45. Wye Oak State Park