It’s Not My Money

it’s not my money, haha

those were the words i heard from the server this afternoon when i ordered something for lunch that wasn’t “quite” on the menu and should have incurred an extra charge. it irked me.

living on my own – sans roommates or any sort of splitting of financial duties, has forcibly taught me to view money in a different way – to more appropriately budget, live a little more modestly, and not treat “dolla-billz” like an endless pile of leaves falling from the money tree.

i’ve taken that approach into my job where i try and save money – whether it’s re-purposing equipment, not upgrading simply for the sake of upgrading, not replacing consumables that have a little bit more life to them, shopping around for the best prices etc. no, it’s not my money (per se). the company has money. they’d buy what i recommended (given good reason). but i treat their money as if it were mine.

maybe with the savings from buying smart there will be extra money in the pot at the end of the year.

so, in a way, it actually is your money.