iPhone 5: What I Care About

There was a lot of marketing talk and hype for the iPhone 5’s debut today. Here are the things that I actually am excited to use (If I decide to stick w/ Apple):

  • Slightly larger screen
    I like the size of the current phone (and screen) – it fits perfectly in my hand and pocket. But if they can make the screen a little taller without sacrificing the perfect ergonomics of the phone than I’m down. The fact that it’s thinner and lighter is even better (& impressive).
  • MUCH faster processor
    …Than my iPhone 4 – this thing lags on everything that I want to happen quickly – opening the camera, opening txt messages, responding to txts, opening a browser and then being able to type/search. So irritating.
  • Better battery life
    Not so much an issue for me as I’m usually always able to charge at work or home and that lasts me until I can charge it again.
  • LTE on AT&T
    Who doesn’t like faster internet access?
  • Better camera & low-light performance
    I’ve found myself wanting to take my D90 on adventures less and less because I know my iPhone will take a decent picture more easily and quickly than the heavy bulky DSLR. (Plus, it will get shared instantly. Whereas pictures with my DSLR could take weeks before they are processed and posted.) An even better camera on the iPhone 5 with better low-light performance and faster shooting is a welcomed addition.
  • Taking a picture while you’re video(ing)
    I LOVE this – so long as the picture or video quality is not degraded/sacrificed.
  • Better maps/nav/directions
    Google Maps on iOS sucks. I’m STOKED for a GOOD map solution WITH turn-by-turn voice directions! BUILT into the phone! (Yes, I know, 3rd party apps. That should be built into the OS – and now it is!)

Should I stay or should I go?
I’m getting a new phone this fall (The sale of my current iPhone 4 will net enough cash to buy whatever phone I want under contract). I’m sick of my current iPhone 4’s “slowness” and lag. I’m completely open to whatever phone offers the best all-around functionality for ME – whether that’s an iOS, Android, or Windows powered device. FYI: The Nokia Lumia 920 is very appealing..

More importantly: black or white? I dearly miss my white 3GS…


  • iOS 6 – 9/16 (Sunday)
  • iPhone 5 Pre-Order – 9/14 (Friday)
  • iPhone 5 On-Sale – 9/21 (Friday)