Impromptu Engagement Photo Shoot

As I was heading home from work today I decided to take a detour to check out the annual sunflower fields in Jacksonville. I got there at the brink of the gorgeous sunset. I snapped a few quick pictures with my phone and, while Instagraming them (naturally), a guy, who had been taking pictures of the sunflowers and his girlfriend, asked if I’d take a picture of the two of them. Without even really looking up I said, “sure” – as if we knew each other. (Something fishy tip off #1)

He had a Fujifilm SLR-style camera – fixed lense w/ a manual zoom. It wasn’t exactly a point and shoot – but he gave me no direction on how to use it – which I found a little odd. (Something fishy tip off #2) So, he and his girlfriend start posing. In the middle of the sunflower field. With the sun setting behind them. I snap away. Then they start kissing and being all cute. At this point I was sort of taken aback – it was as if no one was watching them. It was adorable and it made for some nice photos. (Something fishy tip off #3)

Then he got down on one knee. She put both hands over her mouth. He reached into his pocket, pulled out a box, opened it, and presented the ring to her. (I’m watching this through the LCD viewfinder – completely caught off-guard what is happening.) I kept shooting – framing different creative shots from my perspective. She said yes. They are still being all cute – a kiss – a hug. Smiles.

It was definietely a heart-warming and completely random encounter.

Not to toot my own horn – but he was lucky that the random stranger he asked to take his engagement photos happened to know a little bit about photography. From the brief glances I saw, I think the pictures turned out amazing – at least lighting and composition-wise. I hope they look good blown up – on the computer and printed out.

So… If you know a Tim (I think that was his name) and Megan who got engaged in a sunflower field in Baltimore County tonight, let me know. I’d like to see the pictures. 😀