Objection Overruled: Upon Further Review

“There is no objection in your life, to the purpose of God, that cannot be overruled by faith in a God who stands over your life and sees through the surface of your situation.”

As previously mentioned, I have been on a Steven Furtick kick recently – listening to as many messages of his as I can. He’s got a series called “Greater” based on his book “Greater: Dream Bigger. Start Smaller. Ignite God’s Vision for Your Life“. Today, I decided to take a drive around the country and listen to another podcast. I pulled up “Greater: Upon Further Review” (Part 3 of the series)

Here are some excerpts from the sermon that really spoke to me. I hope that you can take something from it as well.

He says, “In spite of your faithlessness.. I am faithful. In spite of your addiction.. I want to set you free. In spite of the chaos and the turmoil of your circumstance.. I come to give peace. And I want to overrule some objections in your life today. Those objections are overruled in the presence of a God who is greater than the confines of your circumstance or the pain of your past. God says I want to overrule your objections, and so, when internally you object and say, “I could never be forgiven” God says “objection overruled” through the blood of Jesus Christ my Son is pure enough and strong enough and potent enough to cover all of your sins and though your sins be as scarlet.. I want to wash you white as snow.. because the cross overruled your crippled condition and raised you up to a position of great power and strength.

There is no objection in your life, to the purpose of God, that cannot be overruled by faith in a God who stands over your life and sees through the surface of your situation.

The road to greater things is very rarely neat and linear. And if you live a little while.. and trust God a few times.. and step out on faith.. you’ll live to see the day that as your faith is getting greater your situation gets worse..er (bad grammar. good theology.)

Not everything that God gives birth to in your life is going to grow and grow and grow. Not everyday that you wake up is going to be full of sunshine and rainbows and waterfalls and blessings.

What kind of God gives a promise to a person.. only to let the promise die. Many people abandon their faith because of that very question. Even more people, while not abandoning their faith, learn to live in the shadows of a lesser life.. because you hoped.. and you prayed.. and you gave.. and you tried.. and it failed.

What the hell was the point? What the hell did I go through all that for? If it’s just gonna die anyway.. If it’s just gonna end in heartbreak anyway.. If I’m only gonna reach out to somebody to draw back a nub.. where they chew through my efforts to try and help them? What’s the point in that?

Who has something in your life that God promised.. that died on you.. and you’re standing there wondering “why did I even bother? why am I even trying? why am I even here? why did I even pray? Why did I waste my faith?”

I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t mind working hard for something.. as long as it pays off. But when I work hard.. When I give my all.. And when I do my best.. And it’s for nothing. And when I love.. And when I push.. And when I press.. And when I’m going through with my head held high.. Only to get kicked in the teeth on the other side of my trial.. by another trial.. it makes me wonder what’s the point? I can’t stand to feel like my faith was in vain. It’s not the trials that bother me as long as the trials make me stronger. I don’t mind pain.. as long as the pain is for a purpose.

You take the disappointment.. You take that failure.. You take that lost time.. You take that relationship that you may never get back..

You take that promise from God..

You take it to the booth upstairs.

You get Gods perspective on it today.

And you say, “God even if you don’t change the situation.. I need you to change me.”

I refuse to believe the mistakes of my past define the parameters of my future.

I refuse to believe that I have to die in a state of disappointment.

I refuse to believe that God can’t use someone like me.

I’m throwing a challenge flag and I’m sending my situation upstairs and this thing is under review.

Now I believe God’s going to send back down something in my life that I can’t see from my angle.. but that’s why He’s up there and I’m down here..

And I believe, this day, that nothing is wasted. God is too good to waste my faith. Too wise to disregard my heart. God is too loving to leave me alone.