I love Instagram. I really do. I use it as my primary “social media” platform. It’s great to creatively document some of the highlights of your day and then go back days or months (or years) later and reminisce. But, Instagram is a cop out to ‘real’ photography. I would agree it takes skill and knowledge of composition to frame a good shot and it takes some common sense to chose which ‘filter’ to apply… with those 2 things you can churn out some beautiful cell-phone sized photos… but that’s it.

For nearly 2 years I have abandoned my bulky DSLR and used Instagram to ‘creatively’ document random adventures and experiences. But at the core, for me, I didn’t (and don’t) take pictures, really, to just document what I do. I used to take pictures TO create experiences – because it did something to me – deep down. How satisfying to fiddle with apertures, and fstops, and focusing, and ISO settings, and color temperatures and then seeing the results. Working with all these settings requires you to be absorbed in the moment – in the scene. You’re not on your phone – distracted by apps and texting. It’s you, a camera, and your subject.

I’ve never done old school film photography – I bet that experience is even more amazing – not having the instant LCD screen results – and having to wait until after development before you can see your results! I imagine videography is even more engrossing of your senses because you’re introducing audio and motion into your creation!

So, in 2014, I intend to ‘get back out there’, quite literally, and photoventure… with a real camera.