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01/05/2013 / Faith

If your ministry is not ready for consumption here than it’s not ready for export (there). That was a quote from a missionary speaker at Urbana in explaining why our testimony and ability to share the gospel has to be matured here before we can take it to the missions field. It…

01/03/2013 / Faith

There is nothing more exciting than that “ah ha” moment that God gives you through the scripture, prayer, a message, a book, or a song that allows you to better understand how God works and how He might be working in your own situation. Most recently for me that came through singing, and really listening to, Come Thou Fount at Urbana last week. It’s a classic hymn that I know I’ve sung in church throughout my life – but it’s meaning finally hit me – and it was beautiful.

12/27/2012 / Faith

I’m just getting around to publishing this entry… So imagine you are reading this in the past.

Update: Read the “After Urbana” post!

There is a very large mission’s conference put on by InterVarsity, called “Urbana”, coming up at the end of December (December 27th to January 1st). Urbana is a tri-annual conference which “seeks to compel this generation to give their whole lives to God’s global mission.” It draws around 16,000 people.

12/17/2012 / Faith

Romans 7:15-25 has definitely been on my heart recently. I could write a lot more about it than what I will end up briefly saying here and I’ll probably reuse the passage for another blog post. For now though… In light of the shooting in Connecticut and again realizing how short life can be, I was really thinking about how my life truly reflects the love, grace, mercy and FORGIVENESS that I’ve been given through God’s sacrificial gift of His Son Jesus Christ. How do my actions portray how a born-again saved Christian should act.

12/13/2012 / Faith

I was so hesitant to even post what I have on my heart to write because I don’t want it to appear selfish or at all about me. But, at the risk of doing so, I wanted to share something that God did through me a few nights ago – that was completely “not me”. I hope whoever reads this can be encouraged to be open to what God might do through you – where you are – in a greater way. Seek Him, and He’ll put someone or something in your way – you just have to be ready.

10/26/2012 / Faith

I have been challenged to think and reconsider how I view different situations. I do realize that I don’t have all the answers and I’m totally open to hear others opinions and even change my own ways of thinking if I’m wrong. Something that has especially struck me was a difference in how myself and someone I care deeply about approached difficult situations – specifically at what “point” did we throw up our hands (metaphorically) and “give it away to God” in faith. That may have been my way of wording it – or a mutual agreement. Regardless, that was the question that has been challenging me.