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03/30/2013 / Faith

Many hours are spent with men, how many with your Maker? – Spurgeon

Oh Life

Remember the days of being a kid, getting home from school, and going to play with your friends outside. For a lot of people, your biggest worry was probably if you were going to grab your bike or your skateboard. It was tough managing your bike riding time with your math homework time. Then you got a little older and you had to balance more important schoolwork with after school activities or athletics and maybe even college applications. Then you got to college and you discovered this new freedom – you get to make your own schedule – you controlled your time. But between classes, “social outings”, and all those research papers there just wasn’t enough time in the day – in fact, your days usually blended late into the nights – maybe you even pulled a few all-nighters. Then you graduated and became an adult and, if you moved out of your parents’ house, you started to experience “real life” – well as real as you’ve experienced so far. Life seems to just get busier and busier. You have real responsibilities during the day at your job. You come home exhausted – just wanting to relax.

03/12/2013 / Faith
02/14/2013 / Tidbits

For us love is a verb. For God love is a noun. God IS love. It’s the essence of His character – of which we can find the ultimate comfort in. It’s why He loves us. The nature of Gods love is displayed in that He gave Himself to us. Our love towards others – whether lover, friend, or foe – should strive to reflect that love.

02/10/2013 / Faith

When I think of the name Westboro Baptist Church several emotions come over me. Anger. Sadness. Confusion. Hope. I am angry that they are tarnishing the image of Christianity and the name of Christ by using the Bible as a defense of their hate towards people. I am sad for…

02/01/2013 / Faith

I get this feeling that society is so quick to chalk up things we do wrong as “mistakes”, “missteps”, and “learning experiences”. That explains the result but it doesn’t do anything to address the root issue – so you’re bound to repeat it again. I feel that as Christians we sometimes adopt that philosophy.

01/22/2013 / Faith

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. -1 Corinthians 13:13 Saying “I love you” is a pretty big step in a relationship. It can come from a variety of reasons – some right, some wrong, or some places in between. Typically, you…

01/03/2013 / Faith

There is nothing more exciting than that “ah ha” moment that God gives you through the scripture, prayer, a message, a book, or a song that allows you to better understand how God works and how He might be working in your own situation. Most recently for me that came through singing, and really listening to, Come Thou Fount at Urbana last week. It’s a classic hymn that I know I’ve sung in church throughout my life – but it’s meaning finally hit me – and it was beautiful.

12/30/2012 / Faith

When Grace’s husband passed away, relatives tried to steal her home — she became a victim of property grabbing. Her home and her land was her entire livelihood, the only way she could provide for her five children. Without anyone to defend her rights, Grace started to lose hope. Then…

12/27/2012 / Tidbits

I’ve noticed that this year all the “Christmas” sermons heavily include the gospel story – and point to the cross. I really don’t think I’ve noticed that in years past. Besides the theological reasons – the practical reason is that you have a larger than normal audience in church during…

12/27/2012 / Faith

I’m just getting around to publishing this entry… So imagine you are reading this in the past.

Update: Read the “After Urbana” post!

There is a very large mission’s conference put on by InterVarsity, called “Urbana”, coming up at the end of December (December 27th to January 1st). Urbana is a tri-annual conference which “seeks to compel this generation to give their whole lives to God’s global mission.” It draws around 16,000 people.