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02/10/2013 / Faith

When I think of the name Westboro Baptist Church several emotions come over me. Anger. Sadness. Confusion. Hope. I am angry that they are tarnishing the image of Christianity and the name of Christ by using the Bible as a defense of their hate towards people. I am sad for…

02/01/2013 / Faith

I get this feeling that society is so quick to chalk up things we do wrong as “mistakes”, “missteps”, and “learning experiences”. That explains the result but it doesn’t do anything to address the root issue – so you’re bound to repeat it again. I feel that as Christians we sometimes adopt that philosophy.

12/16/2012 / Faith

Romans 7:15-25 has definitely been on my heart recently. I could write a lot more about it than what I will end up briefly saying here and I’ll probably reuse the passage for another blog post. For now though… In light of the shooting in Connecticut and again realizing how short life can be, I was really thinking about how my life truly reflects the love, grace, mercy and FORGIVENESS that I’ve been given through God’s sacrificial gift of His Son Jesus Christ. How do my actions portray how a born-again saved Christian should act.