Category: Photography

10/22/2017 / Live Music

I’m working on a blog post about “creating” and how it stirs something deep in my soul. One aspect of being satisfied is when I create ‘art’ (maybe using that term too loosely here) and I get “that” shot.

01/05/2014 / Nature/Outdoors

I love Instagram. I really do. I use it as my primary “social media” platform. It’s great to creatively document some of the highlights of your day and then go back days or months (or years) later and reminisce. But, Instagram is a cop out to ‘real’ photography. I would…

02/17/2013 / Photography

I had the privilege to shoot some photos of my buddy’s recently born little baby girl. Here are some unedited teaser photos. 3 hours. 300 pictures. Lot’s of “awws”. Lots of crying. Lots of crawling on the floor.