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07/10/2021 / Personal

“You said, ‘Hi I’m Jason – you should join my car forum’.” Or at least that’s how Phil said our friendship started. That time was a blur, and I am awkward, so I’ll take Phil’s word on that being how it happened. That was 14 years ago. In early 2006,…

10/22/2017 / Live Music

I’m working on a blog post about “creating” and how it stirs something deep in my soul. One aspect of being satisfied is when I create ‘art’ (maybe using that term too loosely here) and I get “that” shot.

01/05/2014 / Nature/Outdoors

I love Instagram. I really do. I use it as my primary “social media” platform. It’s great to creatively document some of the highlights of your day and then go back days or months (or years) later and reminisce. But, Instagram is a cop out to ‘real’ photography. I would…

12/31/2013 / Faith

While culturally time appropriate, this post originally had nothing to do with New Years or resolutions. I actually drafted most of the ideas back in October but I’m just now getting around to finishing it up. I suppose because the calendar is such a pivotal part of our world, its somewhat natural to use the first of the year to decide on some changes or goals, but honestly, change should be happening throughout the year – whenever it’s necessity is recognized. Life is a process of growing.

06/03/2013 / Music

I’ve, generally, always listened to music by albums. Meaning, I’d queue up an album by a certain artist/band and I’d listen to it all the way through and then I’d move on to the next album by another artist. Within the past year or two, I’ve started using playlists – thanks to Spotify. So I don’t often listen to albums all the way through – unless they are brand new or new to me. Here are my current “go to” songs that span a couple different “playlists” on my Spotify account.

12/13/2012 / Faith

I was so hesitant to even post what I have on my heart to write because I don’t want it to appear selfish or at all about me. But, at the risk of doing so, I wanted to share something that God did through me a few nights ago – that was completely “not me”. I hope whoever reads this can be encouraged to be open to what God might do through you – where you are – in a greater way. Seek Him, and He’ll put someone or something in your way – you just have to be ready.

09/13/2012 / Nature/Outdoors

As I was heading home from work today I decided to take a detour to check out the annual sunflower fields in Jacksonville. I got there at the brink of the gorgeous sunset. I snapped a few quick pictures with my phone and, while Instagraming them (naturally), a guy, who…

09/11/2012 / Personal

As a kid, I would take graph paper, a Bic pencil, and a ruler EVERYWHERE I went – even out to dinner. I loved creating “floor plans”. I have a few binders full of drawings. Here are a few random ones from way back when that I scanned in. One…

06/17/2012 / Essays

(Written, as a speech, and delivered June 16th at my best friends wedding. Original – unedited) …I’m Jason….. Justin and I have grown up together. We’ve gone to middle school, high school, and even college together – and remained friends through it all. I’d like to thank Liz’s parents –…

06/03/2012 / Nature/Outdoors

Went camping in Deep Creek w/ some brahs this weekend. Went to Wisp to ride their “Mountain Coaster” (awesome). Did some mini-golfin. Ate some food. Made a fire, etc. Oh, and the 7 of us went jet skiing, no big deal. Had a blast.