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01/10/2014 / Faith

If you’ve been in the evangelical Christian circle for sometime than you know all the fun catchphrases we like to use… “do life together”, “seasons”, “intentionality”, “missional”, “community”, “guard your heart”, etc.

I love words. I like putting a word to an idea. But I find that, sometimes, we throw around words without understanding their implications, practically, to our lives and our walk with Christ, and more importantly, the lives of those we are speaking into. Those phrases above have a lot of weight and wisdom behind them, but speaking a single phrase cannot adequately convey a complex, and highly personal, issue of the heart.

11/06/2013 / Faith

It’s said that Henry Wadsworth Longfellow coined the phrase “Music is the universal language of mankind”. That’s a bold statement – but one that I believe holds merit because music is, indeed, a very powerful and beautiful creation. Music sets and changes moods, music heals, music encourages, music breaks down, music hurts, music speaks clearly those thoughts that we sometimes can’t verbalize. I believe God can use anything for His purpose – it doesn’t necessarily have to be overtly “spiritual” or “Christian”. That certainly holds true for His gift of music as well.

02/14/2013 / Tidbits

For us love is a verb. For God love is a noun. God IS love. It’s the essence of His character – of which we can find the ultimate comfort in. It’s why He loves us. The nature of Gods love is displayed in that He gave Himself to us. Our love towards others – whether lover, friend, or foe – should strive to reflect that love.

01/24/2013 / Tidbits

Asking releases you from that terrifyingly stagnant place of wondering. Whether the response is a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, you no longer have to play out every scenario in your brain space. It frees your mind and heart up to process, accept, and move forward. ‘Maybe’: the 3rd option that you probably…

01/22/2013 / Faith

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. -1 Corinthians 13:13 Saying “I love you” is a pretty big step in a relationship. It can come from a variety of reasons – some right, some wrong, or some places in between. Typically, you…

12/25/2012 / Tidbits

35 days ago I sat on the edge of the Grand Canyon and wrote/prayed the following (unedited) words in a journal: As I sit here on the edge of the Grand Canyon overlooking a vast expanse of space and rock – I can’t imagine how this was created. How you…

12/24/2012 / Tidbits

thankful for the undeserved grace and love of a savior who continually brings me through life’s seasons when i don’t see a way out and show’s me new ways of trusting him and giving up my control and comfort. also thankful for my family and good friends. That was my…