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10/22/2017 / Live Music

I’m working on a blog post about “creating” and how it stirs something deep in my soul. One aspect of being satisfied is when I create ‘art’ (maybe using that term too loosely here) and I get “that” shot.

10/05/2012 / Pictures

Last night I took a tour of the Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, MD with some co-workers. It was a fun and informative time. View more information on a brewery tour here. Flying Dog Brewery (301) 694-7899 4607 Wedgewood Blvd Frederick, MD 21703

09/22/2012 / Automotive

Full set on Flickr

09/15/2012 / Faith

Check out Flickr for full gallery.    

09/11/2012 / Personal

As a kid, I would take graph paper, a Bic pencil, and a ruler EVERYWHERE I went – even out to dinner. I loved creating “floor plans”. I have a few binders full of drawings. Here are a few random ones from way back when that I scanned in. One…

03/12/2012 / Personal

It’s been a minute since I’ve been out photo-ing. I fail. Also, need to go to some concerts again. Considering I’m now .2 seconds from The Recher, I have no excuses. Also, it’s spring, so it’s not 3 degrees out anymore.

03/11/2012 / Misc

It’s kind of been a “thing” with some friends to head out into nature on Sunday afternoons – various parks or places around the Baltimore area. This Sunday we went out to Gunpowder Falls State Park (right in our backyard) and did a little exploring. Even built a dam (haha).

12/11/2011 / Nature/Outdoors

I went to Ocean City, MD this weekend with some friends. We enjoyed the tram tour of the Christmas light display in North Ocean City. It was a bit chilly (obvs) but we all had a nice relaxing time. I’ve never really liked mini-golf but I agreed to go to…

12/04/2011 / Nature/Outdoors

A handful of friends and I took MegaBus up to New York City to spend the day exploring. Highlights were visiting the World Trade Center Memorial Site (I hadn’t seen it (mostly) completed) and Rockefeller Center at night (the tree).

11/14/2011 / Nature/Outdoors

Come and listen Come to the water’s edge All you who know and fear the Lord Come and listen Come to the water’s edge All you who are thirsty, come Let me tell you what He has done for me Let me tell you what He had done for me…