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12/04/2013 / Faith

In Luke 14:15-24 we’ve got the account of Jesus telling the Parable of the Great Banquet. Check it:

15 When one of those at the table with him heard this, he said to Jesus, “Blessed is the one who will eat at the feast in the kingdom of God.” 16 Jesus replied: “A certain man was preparing a great banquet and invited many guests. 17 At the time of the banquet he sent his servant to tell those who had been invited, ‘Come, for everything is now

11/06/2013 / Faith

It’s said that Henry Wadsworth Longfellow coined the phrase “Music is the universal language of mankind”. That’s a bold statement – but one that I believe holds merit because music is, indeed, a very powerful and beautiful creation. Music sets and changes moods, music heals, music encourages, music breaks down, music hurts, music speaks clearly those thoughts that we sometimes can’t verbalize. I believe God can use anything for His purpose – it doesn’t necessarily have to be overtly “spiritual” or “Christian”. That certainly holds true for His gift of music as well.

03/30/2013 / Faith

Many hours are spent with men, how many with your Maker? – Spurgeon

Oh Life

Remember the days of being a kid, getting home from school, and going to play with your friends outside. For a lot of people, your biggest worry was probably if you were going to grab your bike or your skateboard. It was tough managing your bike riding time with your math homework time. Then you got a little older and you had to balance more important schoolwork with after school activities or athletics and maybe even college applications. Then you got to college and you discovered this new freedom – you get to make your own schedule – you controlled your time. But between classes, “social outings”, and all those research papers there just wasn’t enough time in the day – in fact, your days usually blended late into the nights – maybe you even pulled a few all-nighters. Then you graduated and became an adult and, if you moved out of your parents’ house, you started to experience “real life” – well as real as you’ve experienced so far. Life seems to just get busier and busier. You have real responsibilities during the day at your job. You come home exhausted – just wanting to relax.

02/14/2013 / Tidbits

For us love is a verb. For God love is a noun. God IS love. It’s the essence of His character – of which we can find the ultimate comfort in. It’s why He loves us. The nature of Gods love is displayed in that He gave Himself to us. Our love towards others – whether lover, friend, or foe – should strive to reflect that love.

12/24/2012 / Tidbits

thankful for the undeserved grace and love of a savior who continually brings me through life’s seasons when i don’t see a way out and show’s me new ways of trusting him and giving up my control and comfort. also thankful for my family and good friends. That was my…

12/16/2012 / Faith

Romans 7:15-25 has definitely been on my heart recently. I could write a lot more about it than what I will end up briefly saying here and I’ll probably reuse the passage for another blog post. For now though… In light of the shooting in Connecticut and again realizing how short life can be, I was really thinking about how my life truly reflects the love, grace, mercy and FORGIVENESS that I’ve been given through God’s sacrificial gift of His Son Jesus Christ. How do my actions portray how a born-again saved Christian should act.

01/01/2012 / Essays

Unless you’ve been living under “that” rock, you’ve undoubtedly heard “Good Feeling” by rapper Flo Rida – probably several times a day if you tune into any pop radio station. Although generic to the genre, most of Flo Rida’s words in that song aren’t inherently “bad”. In fact, in a…

12/27/2011 / Faith

*Note: The original idea was written in February 2010, and revised in November 2011. In the interest of full-disclosure, it’s been edited a bit to be relevant now (November) – some things were taken out. They just didn’t seem relevant anymore – feelings have changed, etc. etc. On the way…