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11/13/2013 / Human Trafficking

“Here she is… Promising she’s going to protect me. Promising me I can belong to her family. My family had always told me I wasn’t good enough to belong to them. Here’s this person telling me she’s going to protect me and teach me. I went with her gladly. Gladly. Relieved. I thought I was saved. I thought I was rescued. Little did I know I was going to be in the worst hell I’d ever been in before.”

What is human trafficking/sex trafficking?

01/28/2013 / Tidbits

This Saturday, NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” aired a skit portraying various uses for the language learning software “Rosetta Stone” – specifically to talk with women (I hope) from Thailand. It is implied they are talking about physical interaction. It’s no secret that Thailand is known for an underground sex trade.…

12/30/2012 / Faith

When Grace’s husband passed away, relatives tried to steal her home — she became a victim of property grabbing. Her home and her land was her entire livelihood, the only way she could provide for her five children. Without anyone to defend her rights, Grace started to lose hope. Then…