01/05/2013 / Faith

If your ministry is not ready for consumption here than it’s not ready for export (there). That was a quote from a missionary speaker at Urbana in explaining why our testimony and ability to share the gospel has to be matured here before we can take it to the missions field. It…

01/03/2013 / Faith

There is nothing more exciting than that “ah ha” moment that God gives you through the scripture, prayer, a message, a book, or a song that allows you to better understand how God works and how He might be working in your own situation. Most recently for me that came through singing, and really listening to, Come Thou Fount at Urbana last week. It’s a classic hymn that I know I’ve sung in church throughout my life – but it’s meaning finally hit me – and it was beautiful.

12/30/2012 / Faith

When Grace’s husband passed away, relatives tried to steal her home — she became a victim of property grabbing. Her home and her land was her entire livelihood, the only way she could provide for her five children. Without anyone to defend her rights, Grace started to lose hope. Then…

12/26/2012 / Faith

I’m just getting around to publishing this entry… So imagine you are reading this in the past.

Update: Read the “After Urbana” post!

There is a very large mission’s conference put on by InterVarsity, called “Urbana”, coming up at the end of December (December 27th to January 1st). Urbana is a tri-annual conference which “seeks to compel this generation to give their whole lives to God’s global mission.” It draws around 16,000 people.

12/13/2012 / Faith

I was so hesitant to even post what I have on my heart to write because I don’t want it to appear selfish or at all about me. But, at the risk of doing so, I wanted to share something that God did through me a few nights ago – that was completely “not me”. I hope whoever reads this can be encouraged to be open to what God might do through you – where you are – in a greater way. Seek Him, and He’ll put someone or something in your way – you just have to be ready.

11/03/2012 / Faith

“There is no objection in your life, to the purpose of God, that cannot be overruled by faith in a God who stands over your life and sees through the surface of your situation.” As previously mentioned, I have been on a Steven Furtick kick recently – listening to as…

10/31/2012 / Faith

(Sorry, I couldn’t think of a clever title…) Last week I was reading an article on, which referenced a pastor named Steven Furtick – from Elevation Church (Charlotte, NC). I checked out the church online and looked into who Steven was. He recently put out a book called “Greater:…

10/05/2012 / Pictures

Last night I took a tour of the Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, MD with some co-workers. It was a fun and informative time. View more information on a brewery tour here. Flying Dog Brewery (301) 694-7899 4607 Wedgewood Blvd Frederick, MD 21703

09/11/2012 / Personal

As a kid, I would take graph paper, a Bic pencil, and a ruler EVERYWHERE I went – even out to dinner. I loved creating “floor plans”. I have a few binders full of drawings. Here are a few random ones from way back when that I scanned in. One…

08/09/2012 / Technology

George Orwell said, “‘he that is not with me is against me“. Hilary Clinton (after 9/11) said, “Every nation has to either be with us, or against us“. Matthew 12:30 says “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.” George W. Bush said, “Either…