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07/10/2021 / Personal

“You said, ‘Hi I’m Jason – you should join my car forum’.” Or at least that’s how Phil said our friendship started. That time was a blur, and I am awkward, so I’ll take Phil’s word on that being how it happened. That was 14 years ago. In early 2006,…

01/10/2014 / Faith

If you’ve been in the evangelical Christian circle for sometime than you know all the fun catchphrases we like to use… “do life together”, “seasons”, “intentionality”, “missional”, “community”, “guard your heart”, etc.

I love words. I like putting a word to an idea. But I find that, sometimes, we throw around words without understanding their implications, practically, to our lives and our walk with Christ, and more importantly, the lives of those we are speaking into. Those phrases above have a lot of weight and wisdom behind them, but speaking a single phrase cannot adequately convey a complex, and highly personal, issue of the heart.