Author: JPalm

07/10/2021 / Personal

“You said, ‘Hi I’m Jason – you should join my car forum’.” Or at least that’s how Phil said our friendship started. That time was a blur, and I am awkward, so I’ll take Phil’s word on that being how it happened. That was 14 years ago. In early 2006,…

10/22/2017 / Live Music

I’m working on a blog post about “creating” and how it stirs something deep in my soul. One aspect of being satisfied is when I create ‘art’ (maybe using that term too loosely here) and I get “that” shot.

08/15/2016 / Church

Maybe prayer is an equalizer in the life of the church. Maybe it’s the one thing that we can all freely rally around. There are no preferences to be had. There are no committees to go through. There are no generational differences. It’s just pouring our hearts out to our Father who promises to hear us. Maybe the first step to deeper ‘community’ in the church isn’t more activities… but more prayer – together.

09/04/2014 / Faith

Awhile back, I had left the parking lot of an area Lutheran church and noticed a sign at the exit of their parking lot – right before entering the main road. The sign read: “You are now entering the mission field“ “Hhmm.. That is so simple and profound,” I thought…

07/08/2014 / Faith

As I was contemplating the meaning and idea of the graphic to the right (which I found posted in a Facebook Group), I thought about my view of the Church’s application of the that idea. I thought about the effect of that application in the way people see the Church.…

05/27/2014 / Faith

Testimonies. I love them. Blogs and YouTube are littered with them. From being pulled from the depths of suicide, death, disease, self-image, and loss; I love to hear how God has drastically worked in peoples lives to bring them from ruin to abundant life in Him. Earlier today John Piper…

03/11/2014 / Faith

My Church, in coordination with our denomination’s ‘mission agency’, Mission To The World (MTW), is arranging a missions trip to Matamoros, Mexico this summer. My first thought, after hearing about the opportunity to be apart of this trip, was “oh crap, I’m probably going to have to do this.” You…

03/10/2014 / Faith

At one of the many  breakout sessions at the Urbana Student Missions Conference in 2012, we were instructed to write a letter/prayer  to God for ourselves to open/read a few months after Urbana. A donor offered to stuff and mail all the letters a few months later. The idea of the letter was to set some goals at Urbana (hopefully “mission-minded” goals) and then use that letter as a ‘checkup’ to see how we were doing a few months later.  Here is what I feverishly wrote in the short amount of time I had (pardon the flow!):

02/24/2014 / Church
01/10/2014 / Faith

If you’ve been in the evangelical Christian circle for sometime than you know all the fun catchphrases we like to use… “do life together”, “seasons”, “intentionality”, “missional”, “community”, “guard your heart”, etc.

I love words. I like putting a word to an idea. But I find that, sometimes, we throw around words without understanding their implications, practically, to our lives and our walk with Christ, and more importantly, the lives of those we are speaking into. Those phrases above have a lot of weight and wisdom behind them, but speaking a single phrase cannot adequately convey a complex, and highly personal, issue of the heart.